MTQ sends a quilt to Michael Martinez

Mountain Top Quilters recently sent a quilt to Lance Corporal Michael Martinez, a Marine from Prescott, Arizona.   Kay Denny and Kathleen Bond chose the quilt and mailed it to Michael, who is in Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Under Michael's photo is a note from a friend of the family which explains this young man's injuries.

I am writing to my friends and family to ask you to consider sending a note of thanks to the son of my friend Sharon Martinez. This past Fri. 3/12/10, Michael and 5 of his comrades were in a firefight in Afghanistan. As they walked a footpath on a mission, 4 got through without incident but an IED exploded as Michael passed through. Sharon and her husband Larry received the terrible news that their son was critically wounded and might not make it. On Sat. 3/13, they received a call from a military hospital in Germany and were told he had been stablized and transported for surgery. He lost both legs below his knees. The Corpsman behind him was also injured, but Michael took the brunt of it. Yesterday both young men were flown to Bethesda Naval Hospital. Michael is in good spirits and remembers everything. He has shrapnel in his left arm, but his mind is clear. He has to have surgery every 2-3 days to clean out his leg wounds. His main concern today was thanking the others who saved his life. He and his buddy visited today and recounted the tragic event. Sharon arrived in Bethesda yesterday and Larry and their older son Josh arrived today. The road ahead is a long one, for all of them. Sharon will stay with Michael until he is able to come home to Prescott, AZ. It will be 3 mos. or more before they can come home. They are thankful Michael's life was spared and believe there is a purpose. My request is simple. If you have the time and are so inclined, please send Michael a note of encouragement and thanks for his sacrifice for our freedom. This 19-year-old has certainly earned the Purple Heart he will be receiving. He has a wonderful attitude and is already looking forward to going to college when he's well enough to attend. If you believe in prayer, as I do, I'm sure the family would appreciate being held up in prayer. Feel free to share this with others. Thank you.

Michael's mailing address:

Bethesda Naval Hospital
Attn: LCpl Michael Martinez, 5th floor
8901 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20889

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