Making quilts for distribution to various organizations in the community and state is an important service projectat Mountain Top Quilters Guild. Workshops are held on the fourth Monday of the month except December. Money is budgeted for the purchase of supplies, but the guild relies heavily on the members to donate fabric.

In 2006 we gave 275 quilts to CASA, Catholic Social Services, Stepping Stones, Justin's Bags, U.S. Veterans, Las Fuentes Care Center, Open Door, Hospice Family Care, Y.R.M.C. Hospice, Granite Mountain Hospice, Hospice of the Pines, V.A. Hospice, and DPS. Birthline, Hope House and Hospice House are to be added to the list for 2007.

For adoption ceremonies last year, CASA received 65 quilts so each adopted child could choose one as a commemoration of this important event. During the aftermath of Katrina in 2005, MTQ members sent 153 quilts to be distributed to victims of that disaster.

The Community Quilt activity is a vital component of the MTQ Guild. It allows each member an opportunity to give of themselves to others doing something they love --quilting! The depth and breadth of this service project is possible only through the commitment and enthusiasm of all of our members.

Quilt Update:

2009-2010 was another WOW year. With the continued support of our members, we made 313 quilts this year. That's a lot of happy recipients. The quilts were distributed among the agencies listed - Birthline, CASA, Catholic Charities and Community Services, Community Pregnancy Center, DPS, Good Samaritan Care Center, Hanna's Home, Hospice Family Care, Hospice Good Samaritan, Hospice Granite Mountain, Hospice in the Pines, Hospice Peaceful Valley, Hospice V.A., Hospice YRMC, Justin's Bags, Las Fuentes Care Center, Open Door, Prescott Women's Shelter-CCJ, Stepping Stones and the Veteran's Education Program. It takes a lot of dedicated quilters many hours to make so many beautiful quilts. I thank you for all of your support and your community thanks you.

Kathleen Bond

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