August 20  Program  "Quilts of the 19th Century” Trunk Show with Joy Swartz, member of MTQ  
September 17  Program  Karen Kay Buckley lecture “From the Beginning: Album of a Quilter” and half-day workshop:
 “Free-Feeling Fun Drafting Frenzy.” .
 See Karen's website:
September 18  Workshop  Full day workshop with Karen Kay Buckley: “Fiesta Mexico Block Three with Border”
 For this 6-hour hand-appliqué workshop she added a wonderful border to a 10” square
 center block. Learn to appliqué smooth curves and sharp points as she teaches you how
 to create and appliqué perfect ¼” strips and perfect circles of differing sizes.
October 15  Program  Sue Nickels returns to MTQ from Ann Arbor, MI with a new lecture:
 “Machine Quilting for Today’s Quilts.”
 See Sue's website:
October 16  Workshop  Six-hour workshop with Sue Nickels:
 “Machine Quilting the Applique Quilt”
November 19  Program  Maylee Collins from Seams Sew Right Quilt Shop in Prescott will give a presentation on
  the newest quilting innovations from Quilt Market.
December 17  Program  Annual Christmas Luncheon
January 21  Program  To Be Determined
February 18  Program  Lynn McLaughlin: "The Quilter's Workout"
  -- Instruction on stretching and stengthening to keep us quilting!
March 18  Program  T.O.A.D. Queen Kay Denny returns to challenge us to complete a “Treasured Object Almost Done”
in time for our next quilt show.
April 15  Program  Bi-annual Rummage Sale
May 20  Program  To Be Determined
June 17  Program  Spring Luncheon or Ice Cream Social

   Carolyn Edwards: “Signature/Friendship Quilts”

   “Boo Boo Quilts”

   AQG Class with Karen Stone: “Decorative One-patch: Techniques from Clam Session”

   Sarah Whitney: “Stepping Stones - A Designer's Journey”
and Marmalade and Jam" Workshop

   Joan Carrell: “How I Stopped Stressing & Learned to Love Quilting by Deadline”

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